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In the early Super8 Sound years, DTV Group members regularly attended SMPTE Technical Conferences, National Association of Broadcasters shows, Consumer Electronics shows and, when computers became digital video non-linear editors, the Comdex shows.

Bob Doyle was invited in 1974 to become a full member of the SMPTE sound engineering committee. He drafted a standard for the new one-pulse-per-frame sync and track locations on sprocketed super 8 fullcoat magnetic film.

Super8 Sound's booth at the 1977 SMPTE Technical Conference was staffed by Julie Mamolen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

President Bob Doyle was visited by filmmaker Lenny Lipton, who had just completed his "Super 8 Book," and Mark Mikolas and Gunther Hoos, authors of the "Handbook of Super 8 Production."

The Super8 Sound booth featured the Kodak Videoplayer VP-1, the only one at the conference.

In the later NewMedia Lab years, national conferences were usually limited to NAB and Comdex. But DTV Group became very active in the New England section of SMPTE.
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